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Via Movie Reviews 101-Lucky (2020) Movie Review

Lucky – Smart Spin on Slasher Genre Director: Natasha Kermani Writer: Brea Grant (Screenplay) Starring: Brea Grant, Hunter C Smith, Kristina Klebe, Kauser Mohammed, Dhruv Uday Singh, Yasmine Al-Bustami, Keith M Burke Plot: A suburban woman fights to be believed as she finds herself stalked by a threatening figure who returns to her house night […]

Lucky (2020) Movie Review — Movie Reviews 101

Northumberland Folklore: Close Encounters With The Hedley Kow — Under the influence!

“Bless me but I am the lucky one! I have just seen the Hedley Kow and all by myself. Not many people in the whole wide world can say that. Why, I feel special and grand and I think I need a cup of tea to think things over and celebrate!”

Northumberland Folklore: Close Encounters With The Hedley Kow — Under the influence!

Via the Horror Writers Association Blog-2020 Bram Stoker Awards® Final Ballot Announced

The Horror Writers Association (HWA) is pleased to announce the Final Ballot for the 2020 Bram Stoker Awards®. The HWA is the premier writers organization in the horror and dark fiction genre, with more than 1,700 members. We have presented the Bram Stoker Awards in various categories since 1987. Works on this ballot may be…

2020 Bram Stoker Awards® Final Ballot Announced — Horror Writers Association Blog

Via A$$HOLES WATCHING MOVIES – Saint Maud (2019)

Saint Maud is one of those films that will confound you and disturb you while you’re watching, and then haunt you before you even have time to get cocky enough to congratulate yourself for surviving. It is not the kind of horror film that’s going to frighten you. There are no cheap jump scares, no […]


Via B&S About Movies – GOREHOUSE GREATS: Nightmare In Wax (1969)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Robert Freese contributes to many different magazines, zines and websites such as Videoscope, Rue Morgue, Drive-in Asylum, Grindhouse Purgatory, Horror and Sons and Lunchmeat VHS. (His most recent piece, about the 80’s video distributor Super Video, can be found here). He also co-hosts the Two Librarians Walk into a Shelf podcast so he […]

GOREHOUSE GREATS: Nightmare In Wax (1969) — B&S About Movies