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No one raindrop thinks it caused the flood. -Melanie Cross (Mayhem) While traveling through Mississippi on the way back from New Orleans on Monday, I saw flashing blue lights behind me and felt a lurch in my throat. Like a lot of us, I was on auto-pilot traveling down the highway, going five miles over […]

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Get ready for a shift at Rad Chad’s Horror Emporium with… — Broke Horror Fan

Get ready for a shift at Rad Chad’s Horror Emporium with Fright-Rags’ Scare Package collection. Three designs by Marc Schoenbach and Kyle Crawford for Shudders’ horror anthology are available for $28 each.

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Via ComingSoon.Net-Telluride Film Festival Cancelled Due to Pandemic

Telluride Film Festival cancelled due to pandemic The Colorado-based Telluride Film Festival, which last year saw the debut of multiple acclaimed hits including Uncut Gems and Ford v. Ferrari, is the latest to bite the global pandemic dust as this year’s event has officially been cancelled, according to The Hollywood Reporter. RELATED: American Black Film Festival is Getting Virtual…

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La Llorona (1933) — B&S About Movies

The first Mexican horror film, this movie is all about the legend of “The Crying Woman.” There’s been a film made about this story every few years and few of them are good. This one at least has some interesting atmosphere and is historically important. Maria is a woman who has two children and is […]

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New & exclusive on SHUDDER! METAMORPHOSIS (2020) aka BYEONSHIN Directed by Hong-seon Kim Written by Hong-seon Kim Starring Sung-Woo Bae, Dong-il Sung, Young-nam Jang, Hye-Jun Kim, Yi-Hyun Cho, Kang-Hoon Kim, Kwi-seon Kim, Dae-han Ji, Jeon Mi Do, Se-hee Kim, Mary Joy L. Aparte, Yun-shik Baek, Glenn Ivan, Razel Kim, Tae-rin Kim, Dae-hwan Oh I think […]


Via B&S About Movies -Vacaciones de Terror (1989)

Let’s talk about family tradition. The Cardona family has it. Starting with the senior Rene Cardona, we got films like the brain-melting Santa Claus, Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy and Night of the Bloody Apes. His son would continue the journey with Night of 1000 Cats, Guyana: Crime of the Century and Tintorera. Starting with this film, Rene Cardona III […]

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Emilio Miraglia’s career as a director was a brief one, spanning only from 1967 to 1972. I can find few biographical details on him, but some sources suggest that he died in 1982, so perhaps ill health is to blame for his career being curtailed. Though most of his movies were spy or crime thrillers […]

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Not to be confused with What Lies Beneath, the Zemeckis-directed supernatural horror starring Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer, Beneath is a killer catfish movie (which also explores what lies beneath, or as the tagline says the terror that “lies just below the surface.”) But is it a killer, comma, catfish movie? Who knows? It’s not […]

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